Castellana Grotte

Castellana Grotte are a complex of underground caverns of karst caving and tourist interest, located in the town of Castellana Grotte, in the province of Bari, about 2 km from the town.

The underground cavities extend for a length of about 3 km, reaching depths of the order of 72 meters below ground level, referred to 'the cave entrance.

The visit to the tourist complex is possible through two routes: one short, about a mile and a duration of 50 minutes, and the full, lasting for 2 hours.

The natural entrance is represented by an enormous 60-meter deep chasm called La Grave, the local dialect word to indicate a great chasm. From here you can reach the black cave, so named for the particular color that take on the walls for the presence of small mushrooms Scoleco Basidium Rings.

Of particular interest are the Grotta Bianca (defined as "the most splendid in the world") and the cave of the Tower of Pisa, so named for the particular shape of a large stalagmites, reminiscent of the famous tower Tuscany.